What is MPRO Lab?

MPRO Lab is platform designed for iNODE providers and members of the DAGO community. It facilitates the acquisition and management of iNODE licenses and enables efficient management of the MPRO earned as rewards.

How can I acquire an iNODE license through MPRO Lab?

To acquire an iNODE license, visit the MPRO Lab website and navigate to the licensing section. You can purchase a license directly through the platform. Once purchased, the license will be associated with your wallet for easy management and activation.

What are the benefits of becoming an iNODE provider?

As an iNODE provider, you contribute to the stability and efficiency of the Metapro protocol. In return for your services, you receive MPRO as compensation, which can be managed and tracked through MPRO Lab.

How does MPRO Lab support the DAGO community's decision-making?

MPRO Lab incorporates a DAO voting system, allowing MPRO holders to participate in governance and make decisions that influence the future direction of the DAGO community and the Metapro protocol. Votes are cast directly within the MPRO Lab platform, ensuring a transparent and democratic process.

Can I monitor my iNODEs performance on MPRO Lab?

Yes, MPRO Lab will provide performance metrics for your iNODEs. You will be able to monitor uptime, and other key indicators to ensure your node is operating efficiently. This information will. be accessible through your iNODE dashboard.

What is the MPRO, and how is it used within MPRO Lab?

The MPRO is the omnichain governance token that plays a central role in the Metapro ecosystem. Within MPRO Lab, it serves as a reward for iNODE providers and a voting token for governance decisions.

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