Bridge functionality refers to the process of connecting two different blockchain ecosystems, allowing for the transfer of assets between them. This functionality is crucial because most blockchains operate independently with their own protocols and cannot directly communicate with each other.

To access all the features, it is necessary to connect your wallet and web3 login

✔️ Bridge section is located at the top panel

✔️ Bridge dashboard explainer

⚫This section allows user to select from which blockchain they would like to bridge MPRO to another blockchain.

In this case user bridge MPRO from BNB Chain to Polygon

⚫This section allows user to select the quantity of MPRO they would like to bridge

The wallet icon displays the total number of MPRO you have in your wallet

Number must be limited to 6 decimal positions

Example: 20.123456

⚫This section allows the user to send bridged MPRO to a different wallet address than the one they are currently connected with.

Be cautious when entering a different wallet address, as providing an incorrect address may result in the loss of your tokens.

⚫This section allow user to see estimated Gas Fee for this transaction

Gas Fee is a payment made by user to compensate for the computing energy required to process and validate transactions on the blockchain.

✔️ Select Transfer to proceed with Bridge

✔️ Sign transaction in the wallet

✔️ Bridge has been completed and your MPRO is now on selected Blockchain

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