Swap functionality refers to the process of exchanging one type of crypto asset for another. Swapping is a fundamental operation in the crypto world, facilitating the seamless transition between different tokens without the need for traditional, fiat currency as an intermediary.

To access all the features, it is necessary to connect your wallet and web3 login

✔️ Swap section is located at the top panel

✔️ Swap dashboard explainer

⚫This section allows the user to set trading parameters like:

  • Slippage Tolerance - amount of price that you're willing to accept for the current transaction

  • Transaction Speed - average Gas Price choice that can affect your transaction's speed and cost

Slippage MUST be higher than the Burn Fee to allow this transaction to proceed.

Burn Fee on Base Network is currently 1% (updated 10/05/2024)

Burn Fee on ETH Network is currently 7.5% (updated 10/05/2024)

Please select Custom and set at least 2% for Base and at least 8% for ETH.

⚫This section allows the user to perform a swap from one token to another token.

In this case user swap ETH to MPRO

⚫This section allows the user to select a token for swapping

⚫You can also search for a token by Token Contract

⚫You can also Add Custom Token

If you adding custom token always ensure the authenticity of the token you are importing!

MPRO Lab is unable to ensure the safety of the token!

⚫This section allows the user to select the quantity of the token they would like to swap and also enables them to see in real time the amount of the other selected token they will receive.

The small wallet icon on the right side indicates how many of the selected tokens are already in your wallet

⚫This section allows the user to review this trade

✔️ Trade overview

This section allows the user to review all information before trade confirmation. You can always cancel the trade at this point and edit it.

If all information are correct please select Confirm Trade

✔️ Wallet request - Pending Confirmation

Please approve the transaction on your wallet to submit your trade

✔️ Sign transaction in the wallet

✔️ Swap - Pending Confirmation

✔️Swap has been confirmed

You can view Transaction detail or dismiss this window

✔️ Swap has been completed and your Token is now available

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