Utility Explainer

$MPRO is the native utility token of the Metapro Ecosystem, poised to play a key role in shaping the future dynamics within our thriving digital environment. $MPRO serves as a versatile digital asset,

Multichain Nature of $MPRO

$MPRO is a multichain, government token utilizing ERC20 technology on LayerZero, with its native chain being the Ethereum network. It's also available on chains like Base, Polygon, highlighting the token's versatility across different blockchain ecosystems.

Utility and Functions

Government Token Role

As a government token for the Metapro DAGO, $MPRO holds significance in governance and decision-making within the ecosystem, particularly in the context of DAO-based voting. This emphasizes its role in community-driven governance.

Metapro Ecosystem Payment Currency

As the foundational currency, $MPRO will be the lifeblood of transactions within the Metapro Ecosystem, facilitating seamless exchanges throughout the ecosystem. Whether for services, goods, or ecosystem-related activities, $MPRO stands as the premier currency for users.

iNODE Reward

$MPRO functions as a daily reward for those actively running iNODEs, incentivizing participation and contributing to the sustained growth of the Metapro Ecosystem. The daily MPRO distribution for iNODE providers is 250,000 MPRO, rewarding the maintenance of iNODEs which are integral to the Metapro Protocol's distributed side chain network.

Payment for iNODEs

In the upcoming cohort, the acquisition of iNODEs will exclusively be possible using $MPRO, reinforcing its central role in shaping the Metapro Ecosystem.

Ecosystem Growth Fund

The Ecosystem Growth Fund, fueled by $MPRO, is a pivotal initiative aimed at nurturing the expansion of the Metapro ecosystem. This fund will operate across various domains, strategically chosen to influence the growth trajectory of Metapro.

Examples of Activities Within the Fund

  • Grants: In the spirit of innovation, $MPRO grants will financially support promising projects and initiatives within the Metapro ecosystem, propelling continuous evolution within this dynamic digital environment.

  • Sponsoring of Events: $MPRO will facilitate the sponsorship of events, initiatives, and projects aligned with the values and goals of the Metapro Ecosystem, ensuring a positive impact on its growth.

  • Ambassador Program: The Ambassador Program, supported by $MPRO, seeks to build a network of passionate individuals actively promoting and expanding the Metapro Ecosystem. Ambassadors will be rewarded with $MPRO incentives for their contributions, fostering a dynamic and engaged community.

Operating Scope

The Ecosystem Growth Fund has allocated 40,000,000 $MPRO, underscoring its commitment to supporting a diverse array of initiatives that drive the expansion and vitality of the Metapro Ecosystem.

Additional Key Aspects

Exchange Listings and Trading Pairs

MPRO will be traded on both decentralized exchanges (like Uniswap, PancakeSwap, ParaSwap) and centralized exchanges. Popular trading pairs will include MPRO-USDT, providing users with avenues to engage with $MPRO in the broader cryptocurrency market.

Smart Contract Addresses

For user reference and transactional engagement, the smart contract addresses of $MPRO on various chains (Ethereum, Polygon) are critical. Users engaging in token exchange or other transactions should be aware of these addresses.

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