To access all the features, it is necessary to connect your wallet and web3 login

βœ”οΈ To access Licenses, simply select the arrow icon next to the wallet. This will prompt the panel to appear on your screen.

βœ”οΈ This panel is exclusively for NODE holders. If you don't have any licenses yet, you can purchase them through our website

If you are a NODE holder, you must sign this message in your wallet to verify that you are the owner of this address.

If you can't see your license please refresh.

When you do it in the Metapro App Browser, the signature is triggered automatically, but if you use for example Safari or Chrome, it is not automatically triggered and you have to raise the wallet for the signature.

Sign this message in your wallet

βœ”οΈ Now you will see your NODEs licenses in this panel

This column displays all your NODES, regardless of whether they are active or inactive.

NODE status color explanation:

GREEN - your NODE is working

RED - your NODE is not working

GREY - your NODE is not activated and is not working

βœ”οΈ Each NODE can have a unique name generated by the user.

To edit your NODE name please select the notebook icon next to your NODE.

Once edited please select Save and continue in your wallet

βœ”οΈ NODE setup instruction

Step 1

Go to MPRO Lab website, select Licenses from dropdown menu and Download metapro Launcher

Step 2

Go to MPRO Lab website, select Licenses from dropdown menu and Create License Key

Step 3

Go to Launcher, launch NODEs app from left menu and configure your License Key

Step 4

To make sure your NODE is running well please Verify NODE

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