Connect to VPS from MacOS

Step 1

Log In to your account and select Servers option from menu

Once you have created a server, the server is assigned with an IP which can be seen in the web console.

Step 2

Using your local MAC download an App allowing you to connect with Microsoft Remote Desktop


Step 3

Add your first PC connection to get started - select Add PC

Step 4

In the "PC name" insert the IP of your server and click Add

Copy IP address from your server dashboard

Step 5

Double click on this app

Step 6

Enter Username and Password and click Continue

Your VPS provider has provided you with the Connection Credential.

Step 7

If warnings pop up after clicking on connect, press Continue.

It is a known false-positive warning when connecting to new virtual private servers.

Step 8

Now you should be connected to your server

Step 9

Now Download Launcher:

βœ”οΈ Visit our website

βœ”οΈ Connect your wallet and web3 login

βœ”οΈ Select the arrow icon next to the wallet and click Licenses

βœ”οΈ Click Download launcher button

βœ”οΈ Process of downloading the Launcher will begin

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