Metapro Launcher is an application designed for operating systems such as Mac, Windows, and Linux, serving as a platform to install, update, and launch games and applications distributed through the Metapro protocol.

An extension of the Metapro Launcher is the integrated NODE application.

The use of this application is reserved for holders of an NODEs license.

Activating an NODE license transforms the Metapro Launcher from merely a distribution application for games and game assets into a decentralized database for the Metapro protocol.

As a result, users become NODE providers, maintaining game files and assets distributed via the Metapro protocol, and are compensated through the distribution of the MPRO.

This arrangement offers an excellent opportunity for gamers who wish to become part of the Metapro protocol's infrastructure.

Launcher supports platform games operating on BSC, ETH, and Polygon blockchains.

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