⚙️ What is Autostake?

Autostake is a feature that, when activated, automatically transfers your $MPRO tokens into a staking smart contract without any manual intervention. This means your tokens are working for you around the clock, earning rewards while you sit back and relax.

⚙️Key Points:

• Declaration Phase

There’s always a specific period during which you must declare your intention to join the Autostake program. For this prelaunch, the declaration phase starts on June 7, 2024, and lasts 45 days until July 22, 2024.

Importantly, if you don’t join, your MPROs will be moved to the stake reward pool and increase rewards for other participants.

• Autostaking Phase

During the program, your MPRO rewards will be automatically staked once every 24 hours. This phase also starts on June 7, 2024, but lasts 46 days until July 23, 2024. Every day between 8:30 AM UTC and 10:30 AM UTC, your MPRO rewards will be staked if you’ve joined the program.

• Staking with Autocompound

Starting from June 7, 2024, and lasting until August 7, 2024 (61 days), your staked MPRO will be autocompounded every 24 hours, increasing your Annual Percentage Yield (APY).

• Vesting Claim Phase

From August 7, 2024, this phase will last 250 days, during which you can claim your staked amount and rewards daily.

⚙️How to join Autostake?

✔️ To join Autostake, simply select the arrow icon next to the wallet. Select Rewards and this will prompt the panel to appear on your screen.

✔️ Join Autostake button is located under the Reward to claim section

There is a specific time window during which you need to declare your intention to join the auto-stake program.

Please also note that rewards received during this period (Autostake Period) are only available in the Autostake.

✔️ Once selected, you will be shown the Autostake confirmation.

If you are happy to proceed please select Join Autostake

✔️ Please continue in the wallet and Sign Transaction

✔️ You have successfully Joined Autostake program

Staking Panel

✔️ To access the Staking Panel, please select Go to Staking panel located under the Reward to claim section

✔️ Staking panel explainer

Staking Panel is designed to simplify the process of managing your MPRO rewards, providing you with a clear and intuitive interface. Here, you can track your staking progress, view rewards, and make adjustments to your staking parameters.

This feature indicates the status of stake as follows:

  • Auto

  • Active and you are participating

  • Active but you are not participating

  • Inactive and you were participating

  • Inactive but you were not participating

Staking History

This feature provides a detailed record of all your past staking activities, including dates, amounts staked, and total amount earned.

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