iNODE is a decentralized storage for games and assets within the Metapro Protocol. It stores fragments of game files and game assets. Here are some key points about iNODE:

  1. Role in Metapro Protocol: iNODEs act as validators for activities occurring on the distributed side chain network of the Metapro Protocol. They play a crucial role in maintaining and validating the network.

  2. Functionality: Providers of iNODE, also known as iNODE providers, contribute their disk storage and computing power to the network. This assistance is utilized for storing and validating fragmented game files and assets.

  3. Compensation: iNODE providers are rewarded for their contribution to the network with the distribution of the MPRO. This serves as an incentive for maintaining a constant connection to the network.

  4. Operational Requirements: To receive compensation, an iNODE must be continuously connected to the network. A minimum connection time of 6 hours is required to be eligible for rewards.

  5. Reward Distribution: Rewards are calculated in 24-hour cycles. A fixed number of MPRO minted every 24 hours is distributed proportionally based on the operating time of each qualifying iNODE.

In summary, iNODEs are essential components of the Metapro Protocol, providing distributed database functionality and ensuring the integrity and reliability of the network through their role as validators. They are incentivized through the distribution of MPRO.

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