Hardware requirements

To participate as an iNODE provider in the Metapro Protocol, it's essential to understand and meet the specific hardware requirements.

The iNODE software is compatible with Windows Desktop, Mac, and Linux (64-bit) systems that are still being supported by their respective developers.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) can be rented as a substitute for a dedicated machine for running the iNODE software .

VPS provider can offer significantly better uptime than hosting at home, making it a more cost-effective option for some NODE license owners with poor internet connections or unreliable power sources.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Operating systems: Windows Desktop, Mac, or Linux (64-bit required)

  • 60 GB Disc Space (SSD)

  • 4 GB RAM

  • 2 CPU Core Processor

  • 2 TB (2000 GB) Bandwidth (Transfer / Internet Trafic)

A stable network connection Credits per iNode uptime calculation: 100 Credits * [Uptime%]

Calculation Examples based on 100 Credits * [Uptime%]

MPRO Lab and the user recognize that the MPRO Lab NODEs Network may undergo periodic updates. As the network grows, there might be an increase in the hardware requirements needed to support NODE operations. Both parties understand these updates could necessitate changes in specifications like internet speed, RAM, CPU, disk space, and other requirements essential for operating the NODEs. Initially, these specifications might be minimal but are subject to modification. While MPRO Lab commits to maintaining the operability of NODEs with current specifications, it notes that the potential for alterations could happen.

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