Reward System and MPRO Distribution

Becoming an iNODE Provider: Eligibility Criteria

  1. License Acquisition: Prospective iNODE providers must first acquire a license available through the MPRO Lab platform.

  2. Software Installation: After obtaining the license, the "metapro launcher" software, which includes the iNODE application, must be installed and activated.

  3. Continuous Operation: Providers are required to maintain their iNODE in a continuously active state for a minimum specified duration daily to qualify for rewards.

Reward Calculation

  • Daily MPRO Allocation: A predetermined amount of 250,000 MPRO is allocated daily for distribution among active iNODE providers.

  • Proportional Distribution: The allocation to each provider is calculated based on the proportion of time their iNODE was actively connected to the network in the 24-hour cycle.

How are rewards calculated?

It is very simple:

  • Every iNODE that is actively connected to the network receives a maximum of 100 credits for a full 24-hour cycle.

  • For every minute of active connection to the network, each iNODE earns 0.06944 credits.

  • To qualify for an MPRO reward, each iNODE must accumulate at least 25 credits, equivalent to being actively connected to the network for 6 hours within the 24-hour cycle*.

  • The reward calculation considers the total connection time of each iNODE during the 24-hour cycle. The daily allocation of 250,000 MPRO is then distributed proportionally among all eligible iNODE providers, based on their network uptime contributions.

The working cycle for an NODE is measured daily from 8:00 AM UTC on the current day to 8:00 AM UTC on the following day, completing a 24-hour cycle

Claiming Rewards

  1. Distribution: MPRO earned as rewards are automatically calculated and allocated to user token panel on MPRO Lab platform.

  2. Claiming Process: Providers can claim their MPRO through the MPRO Lab platform. This process involves authenticating their account and initiating the transfer of tokens to their personal wallet.

  3. Claiming Process: Click here

Maintaining Eligibility

  • Operational Compliance: Providers must adhere to operational guidelines, including maintaining their iNODE online for the minimum of 6 hours in a cycle.

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